PAST MoNthly MeetinGs


November 19, 2018

Exploring Purpose

     Michael is a coach with a passion for inspiring purpose-driven work and living. His purpose is to help people do what inspires them, so that they find fulfillment and create impact in their personal and professional life.

Michael looks back to more than 20 years of corporate experience prior to changing his career

and following his passion to help people thrive.

He prides himself being Swiss who is locally rooted and internationally minded.

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October 2018

 Embodiment in Stillness and Motion

by James Bailey

       If you would like to feel good in your body, this workshop could be for you! James enjoys facilitating this process in others through bodywork and movement. It is a way to connect to your physicality, to the body, the vehicle through which we experience the world.

James is a Shamanic Bodywork Practitioner, Massage therapist, Movement Specialist and Artist.

You can find out more at

September 2018

ReSource Yourself – Cultivating Stillness (through QiGong and other tools)

       Shirley is a Craniosacral Therapist and Qi Gong teacher. In the recent years she set up a successful practice “Out & About Qi Gong, Basel” where people meet informally in the parks around Basel to practice and participate in her popular Qi Gong sessions and walks. She works with people who feel overwhelmed and helps them to balance their nervous system to enable a better stress management.

For more information about her work, visit her website at

During this MeetUp:

Through a series of grounding, Earthing QiGong exercises we will explore coming into our centers, and to our inherent luminosity. The Ancient art of Qi Gong, mother of Tai Chi, is a series of gentle, yet powerful movements, taking inspiration from the 5 elements and nature. In this workshop, Shirley will teach you a number of meditative exercises to enable you to feel more at home in yourself, using Qi Gong meditations and tools to develop mental resilience – great for when the going gets tough.

In July we are thrilled to have Paul King who comes all the way form England to present a talk titled:

 Grace, Flow & Resilience


Our April speaker was Christopher Snyder who gave a talk titled:

 Soul Journeys

         The shamanic journey is the ancient art of soul flight. Lead by the rhythmic beat of a drum, one drops into the heart and begins to see beyond the ordinary reality of our daily lives. The immediate effects are much like meditation, but instead of emptying the mind, one focuses and moves with intention into alternate landscapes. The shamanic journey is a method to thin the veil that separates the ordinary and the extraordinary.


This practice can be used by everyone for personal healing and guidance.

Our March speaker was Tony Moody who offered a talk titled:

Relaxation and Meditation Practices to Manage Stress and Develop Resilience

         Tony is a Psychological Counselor and Therapist in the Basel area with a lifetime involvement in meditation and mindfulness.

We are honored to have him as our March speaker and looking forward to receiving the insights

he has to offer us at CCN.